How to Grow Your Business in London


It’s no secret that London is one of the biggest business hubs in the world, and it’s constantly growing. With so many businesses registered in London, it can be hard to know where to start in the process of growing your business and making you stand out from the crowd.

Even more than that, you want to ensure you are making the most of all the advantages and opportunities having your business in London can provide.

1. Network and Collaborate

With a population of over 8 million people and over 1 million registered businesses, London is an absolute hotspot for networking. To grow your business in London, take advantage of the myriad of networking opportunities that come your way.

Coworking spaces are particularly brilliant for this if you are a startup or freelancer in London. Many companies host regular workshops, panels and networking events that will allow you to meet professionals in similar and alternative industries to you – you never know who you could meet!

You can even go one step further and host events yourself. Hosting free events that relate to your business is a brilliant and effective way to get your name out in the city and can provide some excellent networking opportunities.

You could also try teaming up and collaborating with other London-based businesses. This will widen your base within London and provide many opportunities for company growth. Make sure that the product or service you are providing is of the best quality as this will encourage other companies to collaborate with you and lead to positive referrals, which are an effective way to spread your company name via word of mouth.

2. Harness the City

Take the opportunities and advantages that London naturally provides and use them to your benefit! London is fairly unique as a business hub as its time zone allows the London working day to encompass New York, Hong Kong and everywhere in between – this can be very useful if you would like your company to operate internationally.

Similarly, London is incredibly well connected – with multiple international airports and extensive public transport, it’s a great location for conferences and events.

London is also a diverse city that will allow you to build a diverse workforce. It’s full of young upstarts and graduates brimming with energy and ready to help grow your London business. Moreover, it’s impossible to run out of things to do or places to take people in London, so it’s a brilliant location for taking clients somewhere impressive or different!

3. Consider Your Digital Strategy

Make sure that your Google My Business profile is accurate in terms of your location and hours so that people can easily find you and have the ability to contact you if they want to visit you in London.

Your digital marketing strategy should also be designed with your aim of growing your business in London in mind. Consider who your target audience is, generate content that will appeal directly to them and make sure it will reach them in an effective manner.

By thinking about these three crucial aspects of having a London-based company, the challenge of growing your company and getting your voice heard among the rest should be no problem! This blog post was written by Hannah Seeckts on behalf of The Click Hub, a digital marketing agency in London and Exeter.

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