How to Stay Focused in a Digital Workplace


Technology is a great addition to the workplace. With messaging apps, digital collaboration spaces and more, instant connection to our colleagues and clients is easier than ever before. Plus, we have access to a wealth of information which can help us with our work.

However, with so much information on offer, it can be hard to stay focused on individual tasks. We are always processing new information and constantly being interrupted by notifications. That’s why it's important that we find ways to stay focused in the digital workplace, especially when it comes to important deadlines.

Create a strategy that works for you

The most important thing for navigating the digital workplace is creating a strategy that works for you. A lot of how you approach your work will depend on the tasks you are working on or the kind of “work personality” you have.

If you find constant communication an important factor for work, and it doesn’t affect your productivity, then you can stay switched on with no problems.

However, if you find yourself easily distracted by interruptions, or you need to focus on one important project or deadline, there is no harm in switching off for a while. Of course, you will probably still get emails and messages but you should develop a strategy where you can come to them in your own time, rather than always allowing them to stop you in your tracks.

Embrace collaborative working

While digital connectivity is great for allowing the flexibility to work from home, it can feel isolating if you are constantly connected online but not actually sharing your ideas face-to-face. Collaboration with colleagues through discussions or meetings can help to boost creativity and generate new ideas.

Therefore, it’s important not to rely solely on digital means of communication for your team. While teams can often be working across a variety of locations, it may be worth organising face-to-face meetings every so often.

Co-working spaces are a great option for collaborative working. They allow you to share ideas face-to-face and develop your communication skills. As well as working within your own team, you have the opportunity to network and meet people from other businesses.

Reorganise your phone to increase productivity

While we need phones at work to take calls, they can provide us with a huge distraction. As concerns increase over just how addicted we are to our phones, people are coming up with ways to prevent them from hindering our everyday productivity.

An article on Better Humans provides instructions for how to configure your phone so that it benefits you. The steps involving turning off notifications (apart from important things like your calendar) and rearranging your apps so that the addictive ones are hidden away in folders, rather than on display, providing temptation.

These are just a few of the ways that you can navigate the digital workplace and make sure that you are still being productive on a day-to-day basis.

This article was written by Sophie Barber from The Click Hub.

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