The Advantages of Coworking in London


Coworking spaces have been emerging around the world at a rapid speed. They are the perfect affordable solution for freelancers, startups and growing businesses who are looking to avoid strict, corporate and often expensive workspaces.

This is especially the case in London where office space is at an absolute premium. The main benefits of coworking spaces can be split into three main categories: practicality, productivity and people. In this blog, we take a look at some of the biggest advantages of coworking in London.


Coworking in London is by far the most cost-efficient way to set up your business location in the capital. Coworking leases tend to have absolutely everything included in your rent price – this means no worrying about utility bills or furnishing your space, all you need to do is turn up! This removes significant overhead costs which is a great advantage, particularly for startups.

Coworking spaces also provide flexibility because you don’t have to commit to long leases and you will typically have the option to choose the best package for you month by month. This means you can increase your space as your team grows, without the major hassle of having to relocate. You can also set your own schedule and work under your own rules in a professional environment.


Finding the perfect space to inspire productivity is another brilliant advantage of coworking spaces. Unlike working from home, coworking spaces provide fewer distractions and create a distinctly professional working atmosphere, which is perfect for creating a work-life division without the stuffiness of traditional corporate offices.

If you are a freelancer or starting up with a small team of individuals, coworking spaces are also ideal for completing independent work without being alone. In a coworking space, you will benefit from the motivation of being surrounded by other like-minded professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Your creativity is also much more likely to be inspired when surrounded by professionals from all walks of business, allowing you to explore and discuss new ideas and therefore increase productivity.


Last but not least, a final advantage of coworking in London is the people-focused aspect of these office spaces. Not only can coworking provide extensive opportunities for networking and finding new clients, these spaces also create a real sense of community.

With stylish breakout spaces, there is plenty of opportunity for relaxing and socialising with other users of the space which is naturally important for your wellbeing. Many coworking spaces host regular events, workshops or socials which allow you to network and enjoy your coworking space – no one wants all work and no play!

Ultimately, coworking spaces are an innovative alternative to the traditional workplace. If you are looking for a location to work from in London, particularly as a freelancer, startup or growing business, then a coworking space could be the ideal solution for you!

This blog post was written by Hannah Seeckts from The Click Hub, a digital marketing agency in London and Exeter.

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