10 Tips for Staying Productive in the Winter


As exciting as the prospect of a new year can be, the reality of going back to work after the festive period and the cold, dark winter nights that come hand-in-hand with this time of year can give us a serious case of the January blues. This, in turn, can really stall productivity.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case! There are plenty of little adjustments you can make to your daily routine to help you stay productive in the winter.

1. Spend some time outside

It’s nothing new that fresh air has a huge number of positive effects on our physical and mental wellbeing. It’s tempting to stay cosy inside in the cold winter months but spending an extra 20 minutes a day outside, perhaps taking a walk at lunch, will keep your head clear and help you to have productive winter months.

2. Keep your office at the right temperature

If your office space is too cold, it can be uncomfortable to work in. Equally, if it’s too hot, this can make you drowsy and this will also result in less productivity. Make sure your office thermostat is at the right temperature for focused work to increase your productivity.

3. Take regular desk breaks

Staring at the same four walls and desk space all day is bound to make your work motivation stall. By taking regular breaks from your desk, perhaps to work in break out spaces or other suitable locations, you are more likely to improve your productivity without getting bored due to being stuck in the same space all day every day.

4. Get a good amount of sleep

The recommended amount of sleep for adults is between 7-9 hours each day and you really can’t beat a good night’s sleep. This will leave you energised and awake during working days which will also help keep your productivity on the up.

5. Eat well

Like getting enough sleep, eating well is particularly important in the winter months when people are generally indoors for longer hours and more prone to catching colds and other illnesses. Avoiding comfort foods and eating well will leave you with more energy and a stronger immune system to power you through the winter months.

6. Get physical

Exercising more is an incredibly common New Year’s resolution but is often one of the hardest to stick to. Whether you want to try out a new fitness class, go to the gym more, walk to work or simply opt for taking the stairs instead of the lift, there are plenty of easy ways to squeeze a bit more exercise into your routine. This will increase the endorphins pumping around your body and help keep your mind focused on work and your productivity high.

7. Set goals

One of the easiest ways to stay motivated and productive is to set goals in both your personal and professional life. As well as the classic New Year’s resolutions, why not set yourself weekly or monthly goals to tick off? These are often much more manageable and achievable, and you can use the satisfaction of ticking them off the list as a way to stay productive in the winter.

8. Avoid distractions

Like many of these tips, this one applies all year round. Getting into good habits at the start of the year can work in your favour for the whole year! Whilst you are at your desk, try not to get distracted by aimlessly scrolling on your phone or by half-heartedly doing multiple tasks all at once. Allotting specific amounts of time to each task and focusing on them one at a time will really help your productivity levels.

9. Be social

Far from increasing productivity, all work and no play will actually decrease your productivity. Make sure to have lunch away from your desk and try to keep it social as often as possible. Speaking to others is often a great way to spark your creativity or find new motivation for tasks and will also give your brain some respite so you can return to your desk focused.

10. Make fun future plans

As sure as night follows day, spring will follow winter and the dark, cold evenings won’t be around forever. Keep your January blues at bay by making plans to look forward to – this could be anything from a meal with friends to a holiday, or just simply treating yourself to a good book or a hot bath at the end of the day. Also, remember that increased productivity earlier in the year might help keep your workload reasonable for summer days when you want to be making the most of the light evenings again!

So, there we have a selection of top tips for keeping your productivity up during the winter months – a few little changes to your daily routine can go a long way for your wellbeing. Good luck and Happy New Year!

This blog post was written by Hannah Seeckts on behalf of The Click Hub, a digital marketing agency in London and Exeter.

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